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Keylonta:  The new cosmology.

Keylonta (Keylontic Science - KS) is the science of light, sound the subconscious symbol codes (Light Symbol Codes – which affect the way energy moves through the energy structure and biology structure) and the Base Codes of matter (Called Keylon Codes - they direct the contours of entry upon which forms are built).

It is the Science of creation, of the underlying structure of what matter is created from, of consciousness, of microcosms and macrocosms interrelationship and of biological (physical), consciousness (spiritual) evolution. It is the science of perceptions and potentials of human organism and consciousness.

It is the science of the structure of multidimensional universe, humanity’s multidimensional identity and explores the dynamics of time, space and matter and how those qualities of externalized reality are created and what they really are and what they appear to be.

... and much, much more!!

“You have the ability to become free and powerful, loving and wise.  Rediscover this promise. Reclaim your power as co-creators within the universal scheme and use it now, while so much hangs in the balance, awaiting the outcome of your individual and collective choices.”  

(Voyagers 2)


My Mission with this Dictionary: To compile, organize and present Keylontic Science's information and make it universally available and accessible. - Arek










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